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our mission:

saving God's children from the hopeless cycle of poverty.

India has an alarming rate of poverty. Calcutta stands as India's poorest city, with sprawling slums and decaying infrastructure. Those most affected by this abject poverty are children. No one knows how many hundreds of thousands of children are born into the hopelessness of extreme poverty in Calcutta. 

Fortunately, there are people who care, people who venture into the slums to offer help and hope. Calcutta Kids of Washington partners with Good News Children Education Mission to offer a bright future to children born into the dark despair of poverty. Our partnership began in 2002 with a kitchen to feed school children and now includes sponsoring children who live in hostels where they receive all they need to thrive.   




We want to break the cycle of poverty as early as possible. GNCEM started a daycare center for infants. These babies are picked up each day and taken to the Baby Care Center. 


It costs about a quarter to provide a hot, nutritious meal for a child in Calcutta. In 2002 we began Quarters for Calcutta . . .


The poorest of the poor cannot afford to send their children to school. GNCEM began its work in Calcutta by creating schools and now operates 10 schools. 


A slum is no place to thrive. GNCEM operates a boys and a girls hostel for orphans and children from impoverished homes.

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