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Seven buns baked at GNCEM Bakery$1
Medical Care for one residential student for one year$10
Textbooks and two uniforms for one elementary student for one year$30
Textbooks and two uniforms for one junior high/high school student for one year$50
Food (hot lunch) for one student for one year$100
One Kids Club teacher's salary for one year (teaches 120 children each week)$150
Day school for one student for one year, including daily hot lunch $200
Mobile school for one student for one year, including daily hot lunch$260
Food for one student living in hostel (three meals daily) for one year$360
Hostel residence for one student for one year, including school, clothing, medical care and food$600
Child care at the Baby Care Center for 25 babies for one year$6,400
New bus for rural school $10,000
Mobile School for 75 Students for one year$19,500
Operations of day school for one year, providing education for 510 students $102,000
Construction of an eight classroom building for new English language school$115,000

If you wish to meet any of these financial needs or part of a need, especially during this season of giving, send your gift to Calcutta Kids, c/o New Hope Fellowship, 1016 W. Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272 and designate where you want your gift to be used. A tax receipt will be sent at the end of the year. God bless you. 

Subir and Eunok Roy

How to Help End Poverty in Calcutta

First of all, please pray for our ministry. Prayer is the greatest gift you can give our ministry. This ministry grows through the faithful prayers of believers in India, Korea, America and around the world. If you would like specific prayer requests, please contact us and we will add you to our monthly prayer newsletter.

Second, we always welcome volunteers who come to Calcutta to share themselves with our children. Just by being present and sharing Christ's love, by feeding, bathing, teaching, playing with, singing with and speaking English to our children, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus. We love to have short term or long term volunteers join us in our work. 

Finally, we also need generous supporters to continue this ministry. A small amount of money makes a tremendous difference in India. Below are material needs in our ministry, ways in which you can partner with us to change the lives of our children. Thank you for your interest, your prayers, and your support of this ministry. 


All funds donated to Calcutta Kids go directly to the needs of the children. No donated funds are used for administrative costs. There is no paid staff at Calcutta Kids--we volunteer because, like you, we want to help the kids. ‚Äč

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