Calcutta Kids

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GNCEM Schools

Mobile Schools

Every weekday a bus rolls through some of Calcutta's worst neighborhoods. Children, many of whom sleep on sidewalks, are taken to one of two mobile schools. There they are bathed, clothed, and spend the day in school learning instead of on the street begging. GNCEM staff work with parents to insure that the children continue their education despite their economic plight. Many of these mobile school children later move to the hostels to further their education. 

Christian Schools

GNCEM works to end the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through quality, Christian education. Besides the two Mobile Schools, GNCEM operates eight other schools in and around Calcutta, all in low income neighborhoods that would otherwise not offer this quality of education. Qualified teachers staff each school and are dedicated to helping children learn. Unlike other schools in India, GNCEM does not charge tuition or any fees and works hard to provide uniforms, books, and school supplies to any children who cannot afford them.