Subir and Eunok Roy

Founders of GNCEM

GNCEM is the realization of a vision that began when Eunok Roy came to India as a missionary from Korea. When she arrived in Calcutta her heart was immediately broken by the extreme poverty, particularly the way in which young children are victimized by poverty. She met Pastor Subir Roy, a native of Calcutta, and together they began a Christian School for street children. That one school has grown into nine, each reaching out to a different slum area of Calcutta. They have also started two hostels where children can live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment as they pursue their education, a child care center for infants, over 300 Good News Clubs around West Bengal State, and Logos Academy, a training programs for pastors and church leaders. 

GNCEM is a thoroughly Christian ministry, but does not discriminate against those of other religions as they reach out to the poor. In fact, they welcome children and families who are Hindu, Muslim, or other religions, knowing that God loves all people and that these are the very people who most need to hear the good news about Jesus Christ. Most of the children in GNCEM programs and schools are from Hindu families and are exposed to the teachings about Jesus and are affect by God's grace through the prayers of many supporters around the world and the diligent work of GNCEM's staff. Many of these children make commitments to Christ as a result of this ministry.    

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