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While it costs $50 to house, feed, educate, and clothe a child in Calcutta, we offer several levels of sponsorship to accommodate your personal budget. For $35 you can provide food, shelter and clothing; for $15 a month you can cover the costs of education. Working together we can make a difference in the lives of these children. 

Some sponsors enjoy communicating regularly with their child. You can send your child a letter, a birthday or Christmas card. At least once a year a team from Washington State travels to Calcutta to work with the children. We inform sponsors of these trips so that you can send cards or letters along. All of the kids, even those waiting sponsors, receive a Christmas gift each year thanks to donations specified for Christmas gifts.

The June 2013 Issue of Christianity Today explored the effectiveness of child sponsorship. Bruce Wydick, a top economist, studied the impact of sponsoring children in developing nations and concludes that if you want to change the world, sponsor a child. Read the article by clicking on this link.     


All funds donated to Calcutta Kids go directly to the needs of the children. No donated funds are used for administrative costs. There is no paid staff at Calcutta Kids--we volunteer because, like you, we want to help the kids. 


    "Do for one what you wish
      you could do for everyone."
Pastor Andy Stanley   

How do help hundreds of thousands of children born into the slums of Calcutta? One child at a time. We may not be able to rescue all of the children from all of the slums, but we can save some of them. By sponsoring a child through Calcutta Kids you will alter the course of a child's life. They will have hope and a future because of your generosity.